The Mission of the Whitney Women’s Chorale is to lift the spirit through song, encourage the study of music, and give back to the community through music and service.

The Whitney Women’s Chorale is an all volunteer women’s choir that has shared musical excellence with the greater Boise area since 1982. The Chorale has produced more than 30 years of choral masterworks.

Whitney Women’s Chorale is an non-auditioned*, non-profit choir made up of women ranging in age from teenagers to great-grandmothers, and representing a diversity of occupations, interests, and eclectic activities.


Whitney Women’s Chorale was founded in 1982. Legend has it that its founding director was asked to sing a solo in church to welcome the new Minister and his wife. Not wanting to sing by herself, she recruited several women to sing with her. They had so much fun they decided to continue to sing together. The group grew and began singing monthly for Sunday services. In the summer of 1983, the group took its first singing tour - destination:  Eastern Idaho!  Since then Whitney Women’s Chorale has toured much of the Western United States, Texas, the New England states, Alaska, and British Columbia, Canada. In 1993 the group made the first of three international trips to Great Britain and Ireland. In 1999, Whitney Women’s Chorale participated in the Welsh National Eisteddfod, a competition of music, poetry and dance as a celebration of the Welsh language and culture.

Since those humble beginnings, Whitney Women’s Chorale has gained a reputation for excellence in music, which includes music of the world’s greatest composers, traditional sacred music, classical pieces, ethnic music of many cultures, gospel music, spirituals and patriotic music. The Chorale has undergone changes throughout the years, but we have stayed true to our mission of being a welcoming and inclusive choir dedicated to lifting the spirit through the ministry of music!

*Though we are non-auditioned, the Music Director may assess new members' musical abilities and has the discretion to deny or postpone participation in the Chorale until the required skills are attained.


Our group is completely self-funded.  Although we try to keep our expenses low, salaries, sheet music, tour expenses, and the music scholarship must be paid.  We hold several fundraisers during the year  (e.g., Christmas Craft Fair, Spring Mother's Day Gift Sale or Tea, Chorale Cookbook sales, luncheons).  Not only is fundraising our major source of revenue, fundraisers are also a great time to get to know other members!